I'm a Creative Director, Designer, Father, Husband and Jealous Lover located in London, England.

Everything I love is either related to my family, advertising, digital-stuff, sunny days, technology, design, OCD, cats and being bad in bed.

I'm a Creative Director at CHI&Partners in London focusing on bringing Digital love to everything we can. It's the perfect London agency – Independent enough, Creative as shit and Smart as fuck.

This blog is for me to catalog things I like as I will totally forget it an hour later. It's not meant to be one of those sites where people post cool work that they didn't do to seem like they're talented. It's just for me to celebrate work that inspires me to do better, more innovative thinking.

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NEW APP // TalkTalk X Factor

We've just launched an mobile app for X Factor that is brilliant.
Every week we need new videos for out TV adverts. You could be one of them!
Record a performance, get your heads in one of our music videos and possibly be in one of the ads! The app is fun and quick. Be creative and share on Facebook.

Download it here


THANK YOU // Hope Relay runners

Our Samsung Hope Relay project is closing down (for now) and was a massive success. Launching in 15 countries, on 3 mobile platforms and with over 1.5 million miles ran worldwide, it makes me so proud of what we've done together. As promised, Samsung will be donating a pound, Euro, Yen, etc to kids charities around the world for every mile your ran. Well done everyone! 


BRIDGING THE GAP // Learning, Google & Science

Nice one  & @Google with #WebLab, BUT can this be just the start?

I'm really happy to see Google doing more with technology in the real world space. If I were to wish one thing from Google (although I have many things I'd wish they'd do) it would be to refocus their Chrome Experiments energy toward interactive, online AND offline education.

The partnership with the brilliant London  with  is a small example of what I mean. Not to say that it isn't brilliant - it is - but what it does is remind of all the creative resources that they spend doing other things for the benefit of the few. I'm speaking of course of advertising creatives, developers and the small percentage of the world that care about HTML 5.

I love that stuff, but as a father and digital creative, I go to the museums and always think maybe I should quit advertising and create the next generation of learning in these environments. The world that could be interactive, digital learning is not alive at Museums as I see it. RFID, Holograms, Kinect, Touch, are the tips of the iceberg of a new way to interact and learn. But at the moment it's old and under-funded. But more importantly not interactive and cool enough. Yes I know that there are some cool things, but to be honest they're not being done by the highest creative caliber. No offence. You can just tell. They're close, but not really.

Only the power both creatively and financially that can really make a sweeping change is Google. Google is made for this. Using code to do amazing things. Using code to be creative. Using code to learn.

Either way, good on Google. This latest one is great. Really great. Keep it up guys and maybe step it up too – cause you can.



SMARTS // Google makes me dust off the brain

@Google #io12 have launched a brilliant HTML5 game that should eat up some of your Monday. Great stuff guys!



BIKE // The best bike design site ever.

My Own Bike out of Dusseldorf has nailed it. Plus the kit is perfect. This is my design. Use Chrome so it translates.


SMOKED // Snoop Rolling Papers

Found via @thedieline, the brilliant folks at @pereiraodell have created ‘Rolling Words’, a smokable songbook containing Snoop Dogg’s lyrics. This is absolutely genius. Well done.


DISNEY // Absolutely Stunning

This is a lovely idea by Jirka Väätäinen. I love the idea of revisiting characters and moments from our youth. There's something quite human about it. Cutting through all the serious shit we're always banging on about.

This work has been brilliantly executed.

Jane from Tarzan.

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin.


Amazing work. Very Inspiring.


ARCHITECTURE // Fun Building

Really good stuff. Well done http://victorenrich.com/

Thanks @designtaxi - http://shar.es/pvenQ


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