poised to launch

Demonstrating handling and body structure of the IS by using the strength and control of a prima ballerina.


a stronger body for greater control

English National Ballet Lead Principal dancer & artistic director Tamara Rojo performs an amazing contemporary ballet routine intercut with the car, bringing to life the IS’s incredible driving dynamics.


touching is believing

When launching the new Lexus IS, we wanted to tell a story about the control that was embedded into many features of the vehicle. To do this we filmed internationally renowned ballerina Tamara Rojo to show the features in an emotional, abstract way – taping into the true expression of it's strength and control features. The result was an interactive film experience that used touch controls to explore the features through her performance.

This experience was one that can only really be experienced – a static frame really won't do. Here's a quick video that shows the experience and one of the videos. Worth a watch.