Lexus GS

Million Mile Test-drive

TV / Website


Capturing the spirit of a million miles of testing

When making the 2013 GS, Lexus tested it over a million miles – through the most extreme heat, cold, corners, elevations and stretches.


Create a real respect and understanding of what a million miles of driving a GS genuinely meant and felt like.


We toured the US photographing the entire landscape of this journey and brought it to life in an immersive TVC and a truly innovative web experience (at the time).


The site had over double the dwell time of any Lexus site, over 1,400,000 visitors and the innovative interface design and development earned a handful of digital awards.



A photographic tale of relentlessness

The TV and website took from hundreds of shots that brought the texture, tolerance, rigour and breath that the GS persevered.


Literally pulling you through a million miles

Using an innovative stop-frame zoom technique Neil Clarke, Jay Phillips and director Anthony Dickenson rocketed you though the conditions the GS battled against.


The widest page on the internet

At the time, tablet interface design was in its infancy. The use of swiping, DHTML and lazy loading was almost non-existent. We genuinely innovated in this space by creating a seamless photo-book story of every feature and environment.