XBOX & Tomb Raider

Survival Billboard



One Billboard. Entire World.

The ultimate expression of how you can take a classic channel and connect it to modern platforms, communications and conversation. Just watch the case study.


The new Tomb Raider was all about the elements and surviving them. We wanted to show the new direction of the game in a way that truly illustrated what Lara Croft would experience.


So we recruited real people to stand on a single billboard in London and see who could last the longest. How long they could survive being hit with wind, rain, heat and snow. But it wasn't just a billboard, it was a entertainment channel that captured millions.


Survival Billboard was a single billboard that reached the world, as the action taking place on it was live streamed on Twitch, the Xbox dashboard, banner ads, digital OOH and a dedicated microsite. The public gave up on sleep to watch the billboard, to control the weather that the participants were enduring, as well as to support, discuss and speculate about alliances and romances. The winner lasted 22 gruelling hours, yet In that one day, the oldest advertising medium was reinvented as a gripping, interactive reality show.



Terms & Horrible, Horrible Conditions

We did a load of stuff, but this was a favourite. Basically the most horrible T&C's you've every read. Fun stuff.