SAMSUNG / 2020 Olympics

Hope Relay

TV / Social / OOH / Print


The app that raised millions

As the sponsors of the London 2012 Olympics, Samsung wanted to let people to participate and do some good. Sooo we created a running app where every mile you completed, Samsung would donate £1 / €1 / $1 / ₩1 to charity. We raised over $2,000,000.

Ego-free caveat

Honestly, in 2012, what we did super ground-breaking stuff that didn't exist. An app that tracked every mile you waked and donated your earnings to a charity. You could take a selfie, crop your face and was then dynamically placed in a video that got posted to Facebook and YouTube. You could create running groups to earn more. And used Facebook as a leaderboard for running stats and fund-raising. Sorry, it was mental.


In 3 short months, across 15 countries and on 3 mobile platforms we had 1,753,925 app downloads, 12,000+ videos posted, 1,100,000+ videos views and raised $2,000,000 for charity.



A global campaign powered by a social first fundraising running app

Available on 3 different mobile platforms, the Hope Relay app let you create an avatar, track your runs and how much you raised, see where you were on the global leader-boards, create running teams and abolished cancer*.

Social at its heart

The apps were directly connected to Facebook so you could share your runs, get live cheers from Facebook friends (never done before) and create personalised videos after each run that you could post with a tap starring your lovely face on our olylmpic avatars body.

Innovated YouTube channels

In 2012, YouTube channels were like mini web pages...that kinda sucked. We partnered with YouTube to create a new experience that brought the thousands of user-generated films together. Looks awful now though, right?

Print that featured real 2012

Yeah so this might not be ground-breaking now, but getting images from a bespoke app of someones face and placing that in print and OOH in 2012 was mental.

Virtually run with the olympic torch

You could even see your personalised avatar running on a massive caravan that followed the Olympic torch on its relay through the UK.