In Pursuit of Greatness

Brand / TV / Content / Social


Creating an iconic brand for an iconic institution

We created Wimbledon's brand platform 'In Pursuit of Greatness', along with a on-going content series telling the stories that make Wimbledon the most unique institution in the history of sport.


Wimbledon wanted to have a brand platform that articulated the attention-to-detail, traditions and innovations that ensure it is the standard in tennis – if not all of sport.


Our platform was 'In Pursuit of Greatness'. An ultimate expression that balances the obsession to be the best and the humility that accepts that perfection is sought and never finished.



Telling the story

Over the years we created many content films that amplified the individual details from the grass, to the strawberries, to the tech and so much more. It is truly incredible what Wimbledon does. Incredible. 

The English Garden

The amazing technology that is embedded in an environment that seems untouched by technology and innovation.

The Groundsman

It's hard to describe how experienced and obsessive they are about the grounds and grass. Have a look for yourself.

The Ball Boy

This role is a wonderful example of the integrity and commitment to youth and the community that Wimbledon cherishes so much.

Brand Book

We created a beautiful printed brand book that articulated the ecosystem behind 'In Pursuit of Greatness'. It's an absolute dream to read and was so well-executed by everyone involved.