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Get back to America

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Getting this Brits back to the grits

After a lockdown of all flights between the US and UK, the day finally came when the travel ban was lifted so we covered London OOH and Press asking Brits to get their ass back to enjoy the states again.


An open invitation to America

We did cover wraps on all the morning and afternoon papers with an letter asking Brits to come back to explore all the typically American things that we all love (and hate sometimes too). The aim was to go a bit overboard. It worked.

Piccadilly take-over

Using our obsessing long letter to America that we ran in OOH and all Tube papers, we took-over Piccadilly Square's massive digital screen. A bit of fun.

A little fun at Waterloo

We had a series of playfully American lines running at Waterloo station.

UNITED AIRLINES - Waterloo Station